A collection of videos about Crawford and issues that concern the insurance and claims management industry.

About Crawford

Crawford iQ (1:18)
Crawford provides its employees and clients with the most advanced set of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools in the industry that are integrated, flexible and user-friendly. Recently, Crawford iQ™ was introduced as a way to simplify our extensive offering of technological services and processes in a way that is easy to understand.
Crawford 2014 Year in Review (10:01)
2014 was filled with successes, significant milestones and coordinated events for Crawford & Company worldwide. We invite you to join us on a video journey back through the year - 2014.
Crawford 2013 Year in Review (5:56)
2013 was filled with successes, important milestones and international events for Crawford & Company. We invite you to enjoy this video review of 2013. We think you’ll be amazed and impressed by all that was accomplished!
Crawford 2012 Year in Review (7:00)
Throughout 2012, Crawford employees and partners around the world tirelessly responded to unmatched natural disasters, challenges, and obstacles with excellence and professionalism that is revered by the industry.
The Crawford System of Claims SolutionsSM (3:43)
Learn more about the Crawford System of Claims Solutions, the most comprehensive, global, integrated solution for all insurer and re-insurer claims administration.
Crawford 2011 Year in Review (5:08)
2011 was a year of tremendous challenges and change for Crawford & Company. In some capacity or another, each of our global team members helped to support just about every initiative our Company undertook in 2011 - and did it in an outstanding way! This video looks back at the year-in-review for Crawford and highlights the collective accomplishments of our employees around the world.

About Our Services

Crawford & Company: Drone  (3:07)
Crawford & Company first in response
A Customer's Story  (4:06)
Crawford’s strength in numbers gives us the ability to handle claims of any size across the U.K. and while this has been put to the test after yet another winter of extremes, the feedback we receive from policyholders and insurers is fabulous. We recently completed a short film alongside Aviva and Merrick Hill Insurance Brokers, telling the real-life story of their customer, a motorcycle dealership called PFK Ling, who suffered a flood claim and lived to tell the tale.
Contractor ConnectionSM (1:32)
Want to make an easy decision? Watch this brief video.
Crawford Command Center (3:13)
The Crawford Command Center, located in our Atlanta headquarters, provides up-to-the minute information on claims status and key performance indicators that are critical measures of the success of a claims management program.
Introducing Crawford CMS Property ADVANTAGE (4:10)
Using tablet and wireless technology, Crawford CMS Property ADVANTAGE allows adjusters to complete their first site visit and subsequent reports right at the claim scene. This helps to reduce cycle times, manage indemnity and leakage, and reduce claims handling costs.